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Chicago Suburban Markets Perfect For Office Space Tenants

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When business owners start the search for new commercial office space, they may not want to choose a location within a big city. In other words, suburban markets are more ideal for one or more reasons. This is true with business owners in the Chicago area. Although the city is a great place to live and enjoy the attractions, working within the city is not the right answer for all business owners. Fortunately, there are plenty of Chicago suburban markets which hold so many wonderful opportunities for Chicago-area business owners.

O’Hare Office Market

The O’Hare suburb of Chicago is a beneficial locale to lease office space if you are searching for a suburban Chicago market. Close to O’Hare International Airport, the convenience of the area for business travelers can easily be seen. Even if your employees don’t travel that much and your company doesn’t see many clients coming in from out of town, the O’Hare suburban market is still a great place to lease your next office. It is close to many area interstates, which makes commuting easier for yourself and your employees. Also, there are plenty of other companies and industries in the area which will often allow new clients to find their way to your office if they are in the area for other reasons as well.

North Suburban Office Market

If you are a business owner eager to lease an office in the North suburban area of Chicago, you will find plentiful options. Towns such as Skokie, Evanston, Morton Grove, Wilmette and more are filled with commercial real estate leasing options. Situated close to Lake Michigan, these towns are not only perfect for commercial offices but they are quite scenic locations as well. This makes it easy to both live and work in the towns in the North suburban market area of Chicago.

East-West Corridor Office Market (Oak Brook/Naperville)

The East-West Corridor area of Chicago also holds a lot for business owners in the way of ideal commercial real estate. Two towns in particular which are fantastic spots to lease commercial office space include Oak Brook and Naperville. Oak Brook is located about 20 miles west of the city and is a perfect suburban location for business owners seeking office space for rent outside of Chicago. Those who lease an office in Oak Brook will find they have plenty of well-known neighbors including Ace Hardware, Papermate and the McDonald’s Corporation, to name a few.

As for Naperville, this town is located a bit further west of Oak Brook, being located 30 miles outside of the city. Naperville has plenty of commercial leasing options, both large and small, for business owners to take advantage of. Lucent Technologies, Kraft Foods and ConAgra Foods are some of the big names in business which you could have as your neighbor if you lease a Naperville office. Naperville is also a nice place to lease office space as you will find plenty of amenities close by, which can be beneficial for both you and your employees.

Northwest Office Market (Schaumburg)

The Northwest region outside of Chicago has plenty of commercial leasing options, including within the town of Schaumburg. Schaumburg is home to two large corporations, IKEA and Motorola. It is also an area filled with many different shops and restaurants as well as plentiful professional offices. Those who lease an office in Schaumburg will love the convenience of having Chicago not too far away but appreciate not having to deal with the traffic and congestion which the big city holds. Schaumburg offers small professional business settings as well as office space for large corporations to lease.

If you are eager to lease office space in the Chicago suburban market, then looking further into the options above is an excellent place to start your commercial office space search.

Understanding The Cost Of An Office Space Build-Out

When searching for a commercial building or office space to lease, you may not find exactly what you had in mind when you started off. With that said, there are ways to take commercial office buildings and turn them into what you had envisioned in the first place, with the landlord’s permission, of course. This can occur in the form of an office build-out. An office build-out entails taking a current commercial establishment and tailoring it to suit the needs of your company. The following will help you to understand more about the office build-out and calculate how much such an adjustment will cost.

Why Office Tenants Need an Office Build-Out

One might think that when you lease an office space that you take the office space as is and are not able to alter the space in any way. This is often not the case. Many commercial tenants lease office space on the condition that certain alterations are made to the premises prior to or while they are leasing the space. These tenants often need something known as a build-out, where the office space is expanded upon and altered to suit their needs. This may be so that it can suit their specific industry needs or because it simply needs to be larger or sectioned differently.

How Much an Office Build-Out Costs

An office build-out will vary in cost but there are general estimates which are common with today’s commercial office space construction. For example, if you are interested in leasing office space and need a partial build-out for something such as paint and carpet, the current rate for both of these updates is approximately $8.00/sf. On the other hand, if you require a full build-out, the price per square foot will be in the general vicinity of $30-$40/sf.

Who Pays For the Office Build-Out?

Many times the landlord will pay for the build-out costs. This is especially the case when the lease term is for three years or more. For those instances when the landlord will allow the build-out to occur but refuses to pay for the costs, the tenant may pay for the costs on their own or ask that the rent rate be reduced for a certain amount. These build-out costs and requests for such alterations are often done during the negotiation stages of the office space lease process. One way to ensure that your bargaining power is the best that it can be is to have a tenant representative alongside of you when you meet with your landlord to discuss the build-out options available to you and see if the landlord will contribute to these endeavors.

An office build-out provides commercial office space tenants with a beneficial way to get the office space they want with the amenities and space they desire. Many landlords in the commercial arena are open to build-out negotiations and know that it is a good way to draw tenants in and have them lease their premises as opposed to going elsewhere. If you are looking to acquire an office space lease with build-out potential, bring along a tenant representative to ensure that the negotiations go as well as they should.

Office Space in the Tinley Park and Surrounding Areas

Tinley Park is an area located close to the city of Chicago but is of such a nature that it maintains a lovely suburban feel.  The Tinley Park area is home to both residential and commercial individuals and includes locales such as Oak Lawn and Palos Heights as well.  Its location is southwest of Chicago and is close to major highways including I-80, I-355, I-57 and I-294.  The area is also located within a short driving distance of Chicago airports.  The location is one of the many reasons why small business owners and corporate business owners choose Tinley Park, Palos Heights and Oak Lawn for their commercial office space leasing needs.

Reasons to Choose Tinley Park and Surrounding Areas for Leasing Office Space

If you are a business owner seeking a commercial office space to lease in the Chicago area, look no further than Tinley Park and surrounding areas.  Tinley Park, Palos Heights and Oak Lawn all provide business owners with a great variety of commercial office space leasing options.  Whether you are searching for a small office space property to lease in Tinley Park or are hoping to lease a large office space property in Palos Heights, all of these options and more are available to you in this region.  The wide array of commercial office space leasing options makes this area one to certainly consider.

There are also plenty of amenities surrounding Tinley Park, Oak Lawn and Palos Heights areas.  Most business owners who lease office space want a location which is not isolated but instead surrounded by plentiful amounts of amenities such as stores, restaurants and things to do after work.  When you lease an office in the Tinley Park area you are settling into an area that has many different retail stores and dining establishments.  You will also find that the area is home to various entertainment spots including the First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre and The Vogt Visual Arts Center.

Office space rental is also a popular choice in this area.  When you open up your store doors or professional office doors in Tinley Park and surrounding areas you may find that your neighbors include businesses such as Panduit, Odyssey Country Club or UGN, Inc.  No matter whether you are a large corporation looking for office space to rent or a small professional company seeking an office building for lease, the Tinley Park area is a perfect choice.

Leasing office space is a big decision for business owners to make.  When choosing an office space for lease in Tinley Park, you want to find a location which has ample parking, large enough office space for the entire company and is located in an area which has plenty of amenities nearby.  This area has so many great commercial leasing options that finding the perfect office space to rent is much easier than one might expect.  It is close to many highways, has plenty of commercial neighbors nearby and draws in clientele in an easy fashion.  No matter what type of office space you seek to rent, Tinley Park and surrounding areas such as Palos Heights and Oak Lawn will have the office space leasing solutions you seek.

Office Space in O’Hare

Office space leasing options are prevalent throughout Chicago.  There are so many areas within Chicago which cater to local businesses that it is sometimes difficult for business owners to narrow down the options to choose just one location to open up shop within.  One such area which sees a lot of commercial office leasing options is O’Hare.  This area has plenty of businesses, hotels, restaurants and more, especially since the airport is so close.  The following will list some insightful information regarding the O’Hare neighborhood and why it is highly sought after by business owners who want to lease commercial office space.

Location Is Ideal

Located on the northwest side of Chicago, O’Hare is popular with business owners who want to lease office space as it is on the outer edge of Chicago which means that traffic and parking is not as difficult to deal with as it is in the center of Chicago.  Located close to the airport and the major expressways, it is easy to get to leased office spaces in the O’Hare area.  It is also minutes away from the inner portion of Chicago which means that the downtown area is close by.

Plenty of Things to Do

Although the O’Hare region has a good showing of industrial and professional businesses within it, there are still things close by if you are looking for something to do away from your leased commercial office space.  Take a short trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo, have lunch outdoors or simply take in the unique architecture.  O’Hare is filled with history and more in addition to being a great option for leasing commercial office space.

Various Sections within O’Hare Which Cater To Businesses

Within the O’Hare area, there are a few different towns/areas, many of which are ideally suited for businesses large and small to lease office space.  Some of the towns include Bensenville, Des Plaines, Rosemont and Park Ridge.  Bensenville office space rentals are widely available as is office space for rent in Rosemont.  If you are a business owner seeking office space leasing options in Des Plaines or office space for rent in Park Ridge, you too will find options in these O’Hare area cities.

Local Amenities Make the O’Hare Area A Great Place to Work

When you lease commercial office space in the O’Hare area, you are renting an office in a location where there will be plenty of amenities available to both you as a business owner and your employees as well.  Office space in Bensenville, Rosemont, Park Ridge and Des Plaines is usually close to a wide variety of restaurants and shops, which is perfect for employees to take advantage of during their lunch break.  For those office space rental businesses which see a lot of out of town clients, there are also a good amount of hotels in the area, especially due to its close proximity to O’Hare International Airport.

Leasing commercial office space in the O’Hare area is simply a great idea.  The amenities are plentiful, the access to the commercial office space in this locale is easy and both the business owner which leases commercial office space in O’Hare and the employees who work for the business will enjoy the convenience which this location offers.

Chicago Office Markets

Chicago is a big city which offers plenty of office space rental options for business owners big and small.  There are a variety of Chicago office markets to choose from and depending on your area of business and what you look for in a Chicago office market, the perfect rental space is sure to await you.  The following will highlight some of the primary Chicago office market areas which might peak your interest.

West Loop

West Loop is a central downtown Chicago area nestled in between Lake Street, Eisenhower Expressway, Kennedy Expressway and Ashland.  The West Loop area has both residential buildings and commercial establishments within its borders.  Whether your business is a restaurant, art gallery or retail shop, you are bound to feel at home in West Loop.

River North

The River North is another popular downtown Chicago office market.  This area is sectioned between Chicago Avenue, State and the Chicago River.  Likened to New York’s SoHo, River North is a popular art locale where galleries and unique shops fill the streets.  Although largely art-related, many other businesses have opened up their doors in River North such as furniture stores, clothing boutiques and more.

East Loop

The East Loop neighborhood of Chicago has both residential and commercial tenants within its boundaries.  There is a little bit of something for everyone in East Loop which makes it a great place to live and/or work.  For those who take public transportation, the Metra is nearby, and for individuals who prefer to drive themselves, there are plenty of parking garages to choose from as well.  East Loop offers plentiful options and is readily accessible to residents, business owners, business employees and clients.

Central Loop

Central Loop neighborhood is in the heart of downtown Chicago.  Filled with hotels, businesses and entertainment options, Central Loop is an ideal spot for business owners who want to be in the middle of everything.  Easy public transportation options in the area ensure that employees and customers can get to and from your business.

North Michigan Avenue

North Michigan Avenue, also known as the Magnificent Mile, offers a wealth of shopping, lodging and dining options.  Business owners who lease office space on North Michigan Avenue see a good deal of client traffic and have many great opportunities related to the popularity of this area.

South Loop

South Loop is sectioned in between the streets of Jackson, Roosevelt, Michigan and the Chicago River.  Filled with residential options such as condominiums and lofts as well as commercial office space for those who want to lease or buy, South Loop is a great spot for residential and commercial reasons alike.  From small boutiques to large restaurants, South Loop can accommodate all types of business owners.

If you are searching for Chicago office space, you have plenty to choose from in any of the aforementioned downtown neighborhoods.  Office space leasing is readily available in all of these areas and there is certain to be the ideal office space waiting for you in downtown Chicago.